Our commitment to


“Responsible radiance” is our motto, because we think you deserve gorgeous, high quality fine jewelry that doesn't require you to compromise on the radiance of your gemstones, or your conscience. That's why we work carefully to ensure that each piece we create is something you can wear with a conscience as truly sparkling as our luxury grade gemstones themselves. We aim to mitigate the environmental impacts of our jewelry through the entire supply chain - starting with the deliberate and attentive sourcing of our materials, all the way through to the ways in which our finished jewelry is crafted, packaged and shipped.

The Gemstone Jewelry Ecosystem

  • Mining & Synthesis
  • Cutting, Sorting, & Polishing
  • Jewelry Creation
  • Packaging & Distribution

It all starts with our gemstones...

We use a variety of high quality, responsibly sourced natural and lab created gemstones in our pieces. Our natural diamonds are sourced exclusively from Kimberley Process certified sources, whereas our coloured gemstones come only from RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) certified suppliers. All of our lab made gemstones are created sustainably and with minimal emissions, giving them the same gorgeous radiance and sparkle as mined gems, but without the ecological consequences caused by mining.

Our suppliers

We prioritise working with suppliers independently certified by recognised standards-setting organisations, with a focus on health and safety, human rights, fair labor, governance, and environmental protection. We’re committed to expanding transparency about our trusted supplier networks, to help ensure we continue to create a positive impact through the manufacturing of our fine jewelry.

Recycled Gold & Silver

We're proud to use precious metals that come from only 100% post consumer recycled sources in our jewelry. After being refined to remove impurities, our recycled gold and silver have an identical quality to newly mined precious metals, but without causing any strain on the ecosystem like newly mined precious metals do.

  • NOW

    Creating sustainable fine jewelry with responsibly sourced gemstones and recycled precious metals


    Continue working with our partners, improving our ability to monitor and minimize our impact on the ecosystem


    Leading the industry forward towards a more sustainable, responsible, and compassionate future

Other Considerations

In addition to the conscious sourcing of our gemstones and precious metals, we also aim to reduce the environmental impacts caused throughout all other areas of our business. This includes the deliberate crafting of our finished jewelry, in partnership with our own in-house master artisans, whom we work with closely to minimize any emissions created during the crafting process. We also aim to reduce paper waste in our packaging, and we use technology wherever possible to streamline our operations and reduce any unnecessary waste.