Pearl Jewelry Care

High quality freshwater pearls like the ones we sell at Cherish Pearls are very durable compared to other types of pearls, but they still require some TLC to ensure they remain lustrous for years or decades to come. Read our tips below to help make sure your pearls remain in their naturally gorgeous condition.


  • 1. Wear them often! Pearls were originally born in the water, and they benefit from absorbing the oils that your skin naturally secretes. So the best way to show care and appreciation for your pearls, is actually by wearing them.

  • 2. Wipe your pearls gently with a soft cloth to remove sweat, lotion, or oils after wearing them.

  • 3. Store your pearls away from other pieces of jewelry, or any other sharp objects that could scratch them. We recommend storing your pearls in a soft pouch, wrapped in a cloth, or in a jewelry box.

  • 4. Don’t store your pearls somewhere airtight. Pearls need moisture, and they can crack if the environment is too dry.

  • 5. Remove your pearls before exercise to keep them away from perspiration.

  • 6. Do not submerge your pearl jewelry in water. Although pearls were originally born in the water, harsh minerals and chemicals found in tap water, pools, etc. can damage their lustrous surfaces.